Tuesday Gravel – 7/11/2023

We had a smaller turnout for our Tuesday Gravel ride through Garden of the Gods to Red Rocks. John Beckman, Al Marshal, Curtis Potter, Robin Schroyer, Kimberly Trogdon, and our newest member Gaer Sandager joined me on the ride.

As usual, the group split going up the hill into Garden of the Gods, but we regrouped for a picture at the typical scenic spot. Afterwards we climbed up Crystal Hills Blvd where everyone rode their preferred pace and regrouped at the Sand Canyon Upper Trailhead before descending the flowing single track down into Red Rocks. This ride is very manageable and fun on a gravel bike, although it does require a little bit of confidence and skill to navigate some of the sections. One of our members had a minor spill at low speed, but no injuries or damage to the bike.

We returned back to Red Leg Brewery via a scenic ride along Monument Creek to the Sinton Trail. Gaer, Kimberly and I enjoyed a well earned cold beverage before heading home.

Official distance for this ride was 21.5 miles with 1,706ft of climbing at an average of around 12mph.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and enjoying the great SOCO Velo company, weather and stunning scenery.


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