Ride Leader Resources

First Report of Occurrence Form

If there is an incident on an official club ride, please use this form to report the incident as soon as possible.


Ride Leader

  1. Before the ride
    • Plan the route.
    • Schedule the ride on the event calendar, including route information, start and approximate end times, and any additional relevant information. If you do not have access to post on the event calendar, please reach out to a board member for assistance.
    • You are encouraged to remind members of your ride and communicate additional information on the member Facebook page.
  2. During the ride
    • Check in registered members using the WA Admin app. If you have someone show up who has not registered, ask them to register in the Wild Apricot Member App.
    • Conduct a pre-ride briefing including the following:
      • The safety brief.
      • An overview of the route and any regroup points.
      • The anticipated pace (social, recreational, hammer time, etc.).
      • Introduce any additional Rider Leaders and Sweepers for no-drop rides.
      • Get a headcount.
      • Be open to suggestions for improving safety conditions both before and during the ride.
    • For no-drop rides, try to keep the group together. If there are enough riders, split the group into smaller groups based on desired pace groups and designate a leader for each group.
    • Take photos!
  3. After the ride
    • Write a brief ride report and post it on this website.


  1. Keep track of riders in your group; don’t pass the slowest rider.
  2. Stop to help anyone who needs to stop (mechanical, medical, etc.) and communicate that you’re stopping to the Ride Leader.
  3. Get verbal confirmation if someone wants to leave the group mid-ride.
  4. Communicate with the Ride Leader at regroup points.

Safety Briefing

The following is a suggested safety briefing to provide at the start of each ride.

  • My name is _______. I am your Ride Leader for the ride.
  • Our Sweep is ________.
  • We’ll be riding approximately _______ miles today with/without rest stops.
  • You must wear a helmet.
  • Refrain from using earbuds/phones/external speakers on the ride.
  • Use of aero bars on rides is not allowed.
  • Is anyone new to group riding?
  • This is a drop/no-drop ride. If you get delayed at a stop light, we will either pull over or soft pedal and wait for you. Do not run the red light.
  • We will ride two abreast in multi-lane roads when permitted and safe.
  • We will ride single file on single lane roads.
  • Please call out road hazards (holes, cracks, debris) loudly so others can hear you.
  • Use hand and vocal signals — if you hear it, repeat it.
  • Ride a straight line and hold your line.
  • Do not overlap wheels with the rider in front of you.
  • You are responsible for your own safety and the safety of everyone else in the group, so please follow ride rules, obey all traffic laws, and ride safely.
  • Carry emergency contact info, such as a Road ID or ICE information on your phone lock screen.
  • Please introduce yourself to anyone you don’t know on this ride.