2023 Board Announcement

Greetings SoCoVelo Members,

As the year comes to a close, we wanted to send out an update on our club and introduce the 2023 Board to everyone.

After many emails, and some in person meetings, the new Board is formed and we are in the process of expanding the number of positions to better serve our members in 2023.

Please welcome our 2023 Board:

  • President: Kimberly Trogdon
  • Vice President: Nao Nozawa
  • Treasurer: Ben Miller
  • Secretary: Kevin Toups

Also, please welcome our current Director positions:

  • Communications Director: Charlie Osterhout
  • At-large position: Chris Derry

We have two members that have stepped up for Ride Leaders so far as well:

  • Chris Dorsett: Thursday Over the Hump Day rides (spring to fall)
  • Marc Prickett: current Zwift ride leader on Tuesday nights @ 6pm

Adam Jeffery and Scott Sheehan have very graciously offered to support the new Board during the transition to make it seamless and ensure we have all our ducks in a row.

We have many plans for the year, but our initial main focus will be to have our annual membership renewal and drive for new members. We encourage everyone to renew and join us for an exciting 2023. The club is only as strong as the membership and we value each person as an integral part of the club.

The following are some additional plans:

We are in the process of designing a new kit and getting the ordering process lined up for everyone.

We plan to increase the number of weekly rides available this year, which will require ride leaders willing to sign up.

We hope to have a monthly social so members can get to know each other off the bike.

We will continue to support the 719 Ride, have our monthly Kids on Bikes nights at The Pedal Station, our Adopt-A-Trail Clean Up events for the section of the Santa Fe Trail that SoCoVelo sponsors, and many other fun and exciting adventures throughout the year.

All the members of the new Board are very excited to be part of the continuation of the SoCoVelo bicycle club. This club has been an important part of Colorado Springs bicycle education, advocacy, and general fun for 15 years. We all feel continuing these activities is important for both the members and Colorado Springs.

We encourage suggestions and sincerely hope you will all return and participate in the club in 2023. You will receive a reminder to renew your membership at the beginning of January and keep an ear out for a membership drive competition!

Thank you for being a part of SoCoVelo!

Stay warm and ride safe!

The 2023 SoCoVelo Board


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